Special Feature of the Month: Purple vs. Blue

Purple, the star of Purple vs. Brown. Blue, the star of Blue vs Yellow. Now, they come together in an epic hail mary smashmouth performence with both writers updating their resume.

About Purple

Purple is one of the most dominant characters of all time. He has lost all but maybe 5 times to brown, and never to Black, Green, Stupid Kid, Robo-Dude, and Chuck Norris. Now, he takes on one of his most challenging task yet: to defeat Blue from Blue vs. Yellow. This book hits the website in January.

About Blue

Blue is the star of Blue vs. Yellow. But his first he didn't do. Yellow killed himself. After a brief stint of wins, he was killed by Yellow for the first time and Yellow got revenge. Now with a new writer, Blue is the co-star in the new special edition book Purple vs. Blue. Its going to be a fight to the death, as it is a close match.